Website Development


Basic Web Design + Content

Website development with content creation. Includes five pages of 350-word business content.
Price: $1697


Basic Web Design

Development of high-quality WordPress site for local business niches. Includes migration of up to 30 pages and integration of features such as blogs, social media icons, etc.
Price: $997


Advanced Website Design

Creation of highly customized WordPress sites, multiple mockups, and revisions. Includes WooCommerce integration and payment gateway setup delivered in 30 days.
Price: $4497


Flex Hours Basic

Six hours of on-demand web development or graphic design for WordPress sites.
Price: $450


Flex Hours Pro

Twelve hours of on-demand web development or graphic design for WordPress sites.
Price: $750


Mobile Speed Optimization

Optimize your client's WordPress website and leverage Google's mobile-first Indexing.
Price: $597

SEO Services


Advanced SEO Site Consultation

Advanced SEO Site Consultation For competitive niches who need technical and thorough SEO analysis of all On-Page and website elements.
Price: $2997/mo


Standard Blog Outreach

Perfect for link-building campaigns, Standard Blog Outreach contains one keyword per post to authoritative domains with high citation and trust flow.
Price: $297


Link Clean Up - Small

For websites that need cleaning without an active Webmaster warning, reaching up to 2000 historical backlinks and a removal of up to 400 links.
Price: $600


Link Clean Up - Medium

Link Clean Up - Medium For websites that have a history of Webmaster warning or penalty, Link Cleanup Medium is hassle-free and provides up to 7,500 historical backlinks and a removal of 600 links.
Price: $1500


Link Clean Up - Large

For websites that have an active Webmaster warning and an active penalty, Link Cleanup Large includes 2 reconsideration requests, up to 15,000 historical backlinks, and a removal of 1000 links.
Price: $3000

Local SEO


Local Basic

For businesses to establish local online visibility with 5 targeted keywords and 2 additional citations created per month.
Price: $747/mo


Local Silver

Ideal for businesses looking to increase influence with 10 targeted keywords and 5 additional citations created per month.
Price: $1197/mo


Local Gold

For growing businesses that need improved local visibility and a wider reach by targeting 20 keywords and creating 10 additional citations per month.
Price: $1917/mo


Local Platinum

This is our most aggressive local package for businesses with tight local competition that targets 30 keywords and 15 additional citations that are created monthly.
Price: $2877/mo

Organic SEO


Organic Silver

This package provides on-page optimization and monthly off-page rank building that is perfect for businesses with little to no existing online presence.
Price: $1197/mo


Organic Gold

This offers a robust building of off-page content and monthly blog publication for small businesses that are ready to expand their online reach.
Price: $1917/mo


Organic Platinum

This package includes more keywords to capture a bigger audience—perfect for growing online brands with high demands in keyword targets.
Price: $2877/mo


Organic Platinum Plus

Our best package includes monthly creation of diversified content, multiple site posts, and on-page optimization suited for businesses that have a bigger target market and needs to be more competitive in search.
Price: $3597/mo

Content Marketing

Standard Articles (up to 500 words)

For businesses that want articles mainly used for SEO.

Price: $120

Full-length Articles (up to 1000 words)


For businesses that want magazine-type content that provides value and entertainment.

Price: $195

Basic Infographics


High-quality bespoke infographics with up to 10 data points. Includes research on chosen topic, premium stock photos, and original design with a 10-day turnaround time.

Price: $1200

Premium Infographics


Premium infographics with up to 25 data points researched and framed with compelling creatives. Includes research on chosen topic, premium stock photos, and original design with a 20-day turnaround time.

Price: $2400

Our clients say

We have over ten years of experience with top business professionals

Kevin Bray

Matrixo CEO & Founder

My day to day work requires me to be on top of business affairs worldwide. This is where the offices of Shuster & Shuster help me out.

Melina Matsoukas

DOBL Customer Manager

As a representative of the law offices of Simon Brinks, I get all my professional advice from Mr Shuster himself. What an inspiration!


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